Why is branding important?

If you’re serious about your business and want to truly help and serve your audience, it’s important for you to distinguish your self. 

It’s like an army going into battle, every soldier has his flag and everyone knows who’s on whose side.

Your audience needs a way to distinguish your brand from the rest. 

All top performing company have their logo and catchphrase. They have the colors that distinguishes them from the others in the market.

The reason why branding is important is because you want to make your brand known to the public. You want to make the brands image to be that of adding value and providing true service.

I was at a neighborhood shop over here in NYC.

I usually buy meat here.

Anyways, I saw that they had sea moss for $5. A few weeks ago I had bought sea moss and it cost me like $15.

I bought the sea moss and was very happy to get it at that price.

During the night I got a little suspicious about the price and started doing my homework on seams and saw that not all sea moss are the same.

The sea moss that had cost me $15 was far superior to the one I had bought for $5.

In fact, the $5 sea moss could potentially harm me in the long run.

The reason why I bring this story up is because now I know not to purchase that product, and I also feel more confident in the product I am using because I did my homework on them.

Now every time I buy my sea moss I look for their logo and brand specifically.

Your goal is to be like that store.

To satisfy your customers the way my supplier does.

The way you satisfy a customer is by providing outstanding customer service and the service or product has to meet or exceed expectations.

You also need to look professional.

For example, if you look at restaurant workers, all the workers in the kitchen need to wear headgear so no hair can fall on the customers food, they have gloves, they all where the same uniform etc.

There are certain necessities that you need to have in order to build trust and recognition towards your brand.

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